If someone ever says they don’t know what to post, I call BS. But a good BS, not a bad BS. Spend a day with me and I will come up with 10 things to post about. Of course, I was there once too. I am not saying I never had that phase where I just put emojis for my caption because I ,felt like I had nothing to say.

Now a days I have over 270 ideas on what I can make a post about. I have an actual list in my Google Drive of things to post. This way if I ever can’t think of something off the top of my head I can go there and choose one that feels right for that day/week.

So what do you post then? Here are some ideas! Each topic could have like 5+ different posts in it too!

  1. Education

    1. Educating clients

    2. Educating a tip to other artists

    3. Pics of taking an education course

    4. Pics of you helping someone

  2. Your work

    1. Actual up-close lash pics

    2. Real life pics of lashes in the world (model

    3. Model pics

    4. Client pics

    5. Videos of brushing

    6. Videos of them opening their eyes

    7. Time lapse of you working

  3. Your personality

    1. Favorite dog/cat

    2. Favorite food

    3. A quirk of yours

    4. Pet peeve

    5. Get to know you

    6. Vacation

  4. Inspiration

    1. Another artist work

    2. Goals in any part of your life


    1. BOSS BABE QUOTES are the best

    2. Repost someone else’s

    3. Make your own

Ok! So now that I just gave you like a whole months’ worth of content ideas let's talk about it. Why would you post your personality on your business page? Before I answer this, I actually had the opposite problem just a little bit ago where I realized I was scared to post about my work and education because I just wanted to connect with people so much that I was posting like all about my personality and inspiration instead. Well there you have it! I said the reason why you post your personality in my story. People don’t just connect with product or services (sometimes they do but not often), and if you are wanting to build and see yourself on top of your own empire and in full abundance, then I highly recommend working on showing your personality as well.

One of the BIGGEST and EASIEST ways to do this is to choose your brand feel, colors, editing for pics and your brand style.

Do you want to be warm and inviting? Cool and calm? Neutral and edgy? Colorful and bright?

Do you want to have super saturated pics? Monochrome? Overexposed/underexposed pics?

Do you want to be more edgy? Stylish? Lifestyle? Luxurious? Educational?

If you can narrow down your page to one or two in each of those topics then you are on a good path!

Because I love you I am going to give you a freebie of my Social Media planning worksheets and idea page!!

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