Let’s just clear the air a little bit on some lash myths that I believe in. If you think differently that is ok! Every artist has their own list and style. I would love to hear what your lash myths are after you see mine!


Here they are!

1.       Can’t get lashes wet before 24 hours – you actually can

2.       You can’t wash your lashes – beyond false. You gross if you don’t wash. Just like your head hair babe.

3.       You can wear lash safe mascara – beyond no. You can find another artist if you do😊 That shit NEVER comes off and will end up resulting in your lashes never staying in the future.

4.       Sealer is the only way to have your lashes stay – um yeah no. personal preference. I see no difference with than without. Plus the more you put on the lashes the worse off you are.

5.       Expensive lashes are always good lashes – um yeah false. So many people in my area even charge $50 more than I do for a fill and I fix their work all the time. It time to actually do some research! Social media is great for that 😊 isn’t that why we have it anyway??

6.       Teaching eyelashes is easy money and anyone can do it – half true, I do believe that if you wanted to truly train and get what it takes that you will and can. But it is not just easy money. At all. If ya’ll knew exactly what training took you would respect education SO MUCH  MORE!

7.       The biggest lash companies are the best to educate from – once again this could most definitely be true but you also need to keep in mind that sometimes it is the smaller companies that have the best education. Once again please just do your research and choose one that you vibe with.

8.       Eyelash extensions are easy to learn and do. In most cases this is not the case. It take A LOT of dedication, hard work, focus and practice. I believe everyone can do it if they really wanted to but it is all in the mindset my dear:)

9.       The cheaper the product the more money I will save. False. Invest in product and it will invest in you. Please don’t get an adhesive that is a no name brand off amazon for $15. Same with lashes for that matter. We are working with the eye area people. I NEVER want to have to question the quality that I am getting out of my product.

10.   Makeup GURUS are the best lash clients. Actually I found that to be the exact opposite. Yes they may be loyal and shout you out, but damn they can be hard on their lashes, and they don’t last as long.

Ok. Glad we have cleared the air on some things! I hope you don’t hate me too much but this is honestly just from my experience. I don’t discriminate any other opinion. That’s why we all have different businesses right?! What are your myths that you believe in? Hit reply! I want to hear them!!

Asia Kay

Bri McCarverComment