I don’t tell people often of all the things that I do for a living. If someone was to ask my what my passion was it would be this-

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Connection. Connection is my passion. Connecting human beings together and uniting each other as well as with themselves. We need to be connected in mind, body, and soul – that is where I get into what I actually do to help people do that.

1.       Eyelash extension services

2.       Teaching Eyelash extensions

3.       Business coaching/mastermind

4.       Graphic design

If that all sounds easy written down then try doing them all at the same time! It is easy for people to think that I am a little crazy. I would rather be crazy than boring any day though!

I have way too many ideas coming in and out of my head daily that I NEED to have plans in place to be able to get to everything that I want to do. I have like 4 calendars!

1.       My phone for major life/work stuff

2.       Google calendar for blog, newsletters and insta content so I can plan things to flow easily and together

3.       Passion planner for journaling and everything to come together

4.       Bullet journal for mindfulness and goals

Man I guess that 4 is my lucky number when it comes to planning!


Now you might be way overwhelmed just by reading this email, and that is ok. It is key to just work on one thing at a time and to not rush anything. I update all my calendars weekly and my Passion Planner and Bullet Journal I try to update daily. (Trying to get back in the habit at least.)

So. Now how do you start? Well start with the big stuff and narrow down from there. Passion Planners are my ultimate go to if you want to ever start getting deeper into planning.

Planning is the new way of journaling.

Want me to go deeper into Business Organization? Hit reply and let me know!

Asia Kay :)

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