Meet Bri!

Yes my name is Bri, not Asia. You can call me Asia or Bri,
as long as the name is positive I will always answer!

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If you want to change your life, you must be more available for the ridiculous than your reality.
— Jen Sincero

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Once upon a time, there was a girl (me) who was born into a very young 16 year old couples lives. Throughout the years things lead to multiple divorces, my mom & step dad adopting 3 fantastic kids, and my dad & first step mom having 4 others. This world was extremely stressful as being the oldest of 8 kids in the end felt like being the second mom wherever I went.

Naturally I am called "Mama Bear" wherever I go as what I care about above anything else is making sure the needs of others are met. 

Growing up in the strict Utah beauty norms, being a woman was really hard for me. Having little to no special grooming in my household it was difficult at times to feel truly feminine.

During my senior year of high school I attended Cosmetology school to  build my beauty craft and push my limits in the feminine world. Also during this time I got together with the love of my life. As Utah norm goes, we got married young. Being together 2 years before we got married at 19 we still had so much to learn about the world. 

You know when I talk about the universe giving you what you need? Yeah, that is so how my husband and I happened. I swore off anything to do with marriage and big relationships. Then one day I walk into class, second semester of junior year, period B1 with Mr. Potters teaching Mythology (English credit so I could go to cosmetology the following year.) It was 8:15am, he was sitting in the right corner of the room at a group of desks all to himself, and do you want to know my thought? "He will be your husband." Like what?! Yeah right, men suck, why the heck should I believe that. But hey! He is cute and smart and we are the only 2 in a school of 2,700 who like the same shoes (five finger shoes.) 

As time goes on I have never sought after a guy before, usually they come to me, so it was a HUGE deal that I was doing this for him. Obviously there are 2 years worth of high school drama that happens but guess what, he is now my husband, just like the universe said he would. 

Now fast forward basically 4 years in, we moved across the country for his grad school, I have built a clientele 3 times, I owned a salon for 2 years before moving, and somehow can still do the splits-no idea how. 

"Building a positive place where anyone can come is my goal." Yeah yeah that is what everyone wants. But really though. 


"Building a positive place where anyone can come is my goal." Yeah yeah that is what everyone wants. But really though. 


From growing up hiding the things I do for myself, to now openly focusing on my well-being and admitting that "Eff this! I hate washing my hair" is OK. 

The only thing you have control over in this life is you. But how do you expect to spread the amount of love you want to spread if you are sulking around and thinking that all the world gives you pain and sorrow and you have no control over anything? 

I am here to help you grow and blossom into the beautiful lotus I know is inside of you. Investing in you is the first step to investing into others. 

So if you want to have a chat, I will be in bed pretending to snuggle with my future Shar Pei and Gavin, I will be doing my phone calls in the tub, or working on everything else in my favorite coffee shop. Drop me a message whenever you feel like! 

I hope this was as intertaining to read as it was to write it!