We all get inspiration from our surroundings. Well at least I do.



I love to read by the pool and soak in the sun, or in my reading nook. That is the BEST setting for me to read because my surroundings let me completely focus and immerse myself in my book.

Same goes for our working space.

We basically live in our work space. It is the place we spend the most time apart from home, correct?

So you have to make your work space your home as well.

Ask yourself these questions;

  1. Am I inspired by my work setting?

  2. Am I most efficient when I work in my work-place?

  3. Can I focus in my work-space?

  4. Is my work-space inviting and calming to me and my clients?

  5. Do I feel most productive in my work-space?

If you said NO to any of these questions then maybe you should fix something.

Some ideas to help your work-space would be to



  1. Get a plant. Plants bring earth and energy into your room like you wouldn’t believe. (this is on my list to do)

  2. Pick music that inspires you. Make a playlist for productivity and inspiration.

  3. Change the colors up.

  4. Get a couple new decorations, or make a painting and hang it up!

  5. Put an oil diffuser in your space and use citrus oils! Citrus makes you happy and feel inspired - at least to me it does- and it will make your clients feel the same way as well!


Evaluate your workplace, make it your home. Make it sing to the heavens for how welcoming and wonderful it is. Email me a pic of your work-space!!! I may be giving a few shout outs!

Bri McCarverComment