picture this! You have been lashing now for quite some time, you are feeling pretty confident in your work, but just working isn’t really enough for you! Maybe you are thinking of taking things to the “next level.” I’ve been in those shoes. I have seen every pathway laid out, buy/build a salon, become an educator, become a lash retailer, the options are far and wide. One very popular route to take is to become an ambassador/representative for a specific lash company. Maybe you are trying to weigh the pros and cons. I hope this blog post can help you decide what’s the right move for your business!

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  • Pros to Repping a lash company!

  1. Instant Level Up. Most lash companies won't just take anyone to be a representative. If you are accepted as a rep, you were chosen for your work, as it meets a certain level of professionalism and skill that this company is looking for. Being accepted to be a rep is an honor! You can often charge more because of this title, you can join a lash community with ease, and above all it is a major accomplishment for you and your career!

  2. Discounted Product. Ahh yes, the good stuff. Discounted product! More mula in your pocket! This is part of being a loyal customer, and shopping exclusively with a brand. The company you rep loves you, and loves that you love them! Along with discounted product you often receive free merch, swag and product to test and report back on!

  3. Potential Features. Being featured on platforms where there are thousands of followers will normally help you out a whole ton! Also tagging into your lash company will help get you on people’s explore page, along with keeping up with the lashing community as a whole! A major feature can skyrocket followers!

  • Cons to repping a lash company!

  1. Contracts. When you are accepted to be a representative, you will sign a contract stating will not use other products by different brands/promote them in any way. This seems like a not brainer, however that can get tricky if you are in love with this one brand of tweezers and can’t stand your repped brand’s tweezers. But! They picked you and you love their glue! Are you being honest with your following or clientele? Tough call to make.

  2. Social Media Requirements. In exchange for discounted product, you are required (by most companies) to post on social media a certain number of times a week and about specific criteria. If you don’t love investing time into your social media, this requirement will be difficult for you.

  3. Educator. In my experience, I loved the company I repped so much that I wanted to educate for them. I wanted to teach everyone why they were the best, how to do the techniques, everything that had to do with their company! The company promised my work was good enough and that they were working out a way for me to become an educator through them (as you can not educate when locked into a contract, you need to wait to be promoted within the company, in most cases). Years later, i was still being told the same thing. This frustrated me alot.

There ya have it! 3 solid pros and cons to consider. I would also like to throw out another tip.

Understand who you are repping.  Do your values line up as a company and a business? Do you like their work enough to copy it exactly? Are their products truly high quality? Would you be comfortable using ALL of their product (or at least the lashes, glue and tweezers?) What kind of lash artists also rep this brand?

Hope these helped babes! Happy lashing and congrats on making this big decision!! :)

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