You have a business.
You have some clientele. 
Now what do you do to stand out?
In some areas everyone including their mother and their dog DOES and HAS lashes. So now you are thinking “how the hell is one artist like me supposed to stand out in a crowd of so many?”
Well, answer these 4 questions:


Are you talking like your clients?
Do you know your ideal client and where to find them?
Does your social media show your personality or just your work?
Do you work with other creatives in your surrounding areas?

Make sure you are using the same verbiage that your clients use. If you are talking like you are from New York and high class but are trying to attract soccer moms who don’t have time to get ready, they may be turned off. (Nothing wrong with either party, just a comparison.)

Does your ideal client shop at Anthropology and Lulu Lemon or do they shop at walmart and plato’s closet? You feel me? 

People are sold on personality more than product and service. When choosing brands I buy from personally I LOVE to see personality behind it. If I went onto a lash page and all I saw was lashes upon lashes and lashes for days. I think “sweet, she does lashes, but she looks like a robot.” I know this saying isn’t true, but that is what comes to mind when you see the same thing over and over again. Break it up! Who is the soul that is connected to those lashes? Who is the artist behind the work? What makes you YOU apart from lashing?

Working with other creative souls - photographers, painters, graphic designers - can greatly up your advantage! Marking each other, working for one another, and supporting each other is the NUMBER ONE KEY TO SUCCESS! Not joke, that is how I grew my clientele in three months. 


Write down three things you can do to stand out and what you are going to change to make that happen. EMAIL ME YOUR THREE THINGS! I want to see them!

Work on one thing a week or even every two weeks. In not time you will be a shining star. I don’t doubt it.

Happy lashing:)

Bri McCarverComment