As you scroll through instagram you see two different types of pictures as far as lash work goes - 1. Portfolio work and 2. Client work. What I mean by these is portfolio work is our best work we ever put out there, even if our clients don’t get the look you have a goal as an artist to create the best work you possibly can and show it off. Where as client work is opposite - this is the everyday work that we do, not as picky and particular and maybe even a completely different style than you usually would do in your portfolio work.

I like to think of this topic kind of like an artist's perspective. A painter has two types of work - one he is commissioned for and one that he does on his own. Usually the art that gets big and makes him famous is going to be the art that he does on his own. Same with us! But you have to of course know how to do the paid work as well if you want to have a car and a house and food and such.

Why does this matter?

Well I think this mostly comes in to play when you are choosing a lash course. Is the course going to give you a better portfolio or a better business? Or hopefully even both? The latter is what Asia Kay strives to do both. That is why we don’t have an “Advanced” course. You get all the info up front and you choose how basic or how advanced it is by what you need and want to get out of the course. My class sizes stay small for this very reason. When working on models in our 3 day course we will work on portfolio work, of course. But the education you get caters to both ends of your business!

So why are our classes 3 days and not just two like everyone else? Well there is never too much that you can learn. I don’t want to have 12-15 hour course days so instead I made it 3 days because I have just that much information to cover!! Never fear! We also have room for related tangents with our three days since it isn’t crazy strict as far as times go, because we have two other days! This helps to not rush through any topics, answer any all questions as well have very real conversations. This is more like a Lashers AA instead of a teacher and student situation. We are all in this together and we all are learning. These trainings is like sitting with your best lash besties and having a great business chat...for three days:)

So what type of training will you choose this next year?? I am already making my list!!

Happy planning my friends!

Bri McCarverComment