I know you are probably just as sick of hearing “HAPPY NEW YEAR & HAPPY HOLIDAYS” as I am, but here it is again -

This is your year. Every year is a big new beginning. Just like watching the clock change from 2:27 to 2:28 or from 11:59pm to 12:00am. There is just something special with new beginnings. That’s why people are so obsessed with sunrises and sunsets. It is like pushing the reset button without getting super drunk or high! It is like magic!!


This year I have lots of changes happening. It is weird that by 23 I have all my life goals done (except my retirement goals of course), and I am having the strangest time not following a life agenda that I planned when I was 12. I know I know, yes I am that person that plans everything and sticks to it, BUT! I would not do even half the stuff I have done if I wasn’t one of those people. I am that friend that if you give me an idea for something big, cool, or adventurous, I will hold you accountable for it and I will join you in doing it! I believe this life is a gift. One where we are supposed to actually live! Not be in poverty, not be starving, not be hoarding money, not be rude, but just LIVE the life you want to live.

That being said, this year is the first year where I have made new plans, here is a little of what they look like;

  1. Reward myself with tattoos and clothing rather than food for losing weight.

  2. Be happy and healthy, not skinny

  3. Cut back on lashing full time so I can teach more

  4. Transition more into business coaching, branding, and development

  5. Not being aloud to work at home (bye bye 100 hour weeks)

  6. Taking a week off per month.

  7. Buying a house in Knoxville and have a lash studio in it

  8. Diving into my feminine, I have been masculine for way too long (hippy talk)

  9. Dig into my art heart and do one art piece a week/biweekly

  10. Stick with my Passion Planner and stay organized.

I am one that is scared of repetition and loves change. But my depression and anxiety say I need routine to keep my head grounded. So this year is going to be an interesting one setting my new routines up to make the life of my dreams instead of a life of chaos.

Happy new year my friends! Who is ready for this? Who isn’t? If you aren’t that is ok, it is good to go with the flow. And if you are already planned like me, what do you have planned?


NEW THEME OF THE YEAR! Last year was I DARE YOU  this year will be LET’S GET REAL!

So, I DARE YOU to hit reply and email me back and tell me what LET’S GET REAL means to you:)

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