BATCH WORK!!!! This is something that I have mentioned many times before and wanting to dive into it a little bit!

So what is batch work?

Batch Working is doing a lot of one thing all in one sitting. So an example of that would be to schedule all your insta posts for a week or two in one sitting, or edit a lot of pictures for future posts all at once, or my favorite - right emails/blog posts and have them done for the whole month ahead of where you are at now. I am currently writing this email Feb 26 but you are reading this on March 27, make sense?

Of course this does take time to do but when you work on ONE THING at a time you will actually get a lot more work done than if you did a ton of different stuff at one time.

Now how do you stay organized? When batch working you do have to have a stricter schedule and have ways to organize what you are working on. Let me explain my emails, blog posts and lives.

~First step is write out all the topics I will cover and what dates I will be doing them on. I keep track of everything in my google calendar.

~Second would be to write the content in google drive labeled by the date and topic so I can stay organized.

~Third is to schedule the emails. I copy and paste the content from google to my mailchimp and schedule it for the time it should go out.

~Fourth is to make blog posts pictures - I do this on Adobe Illustrator

~Fifth is to schedule the blog posts on my website. Squarespace is awesome that you can do that! Here I upload the picture for the post and the content from google drive to it and schedule for the day that it is supposed to go live.

~Sixth and final is to go live! That of course can’t really batch work but it is planned with the rest, and the topics go hand in hand for the content of that week!

Man that took a lot out of my just writing all those steps. But how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!! So batch working and focusing on all those points individually will help you SO MUCH when it comes to your work you will want to kiss yourself!

What is your favorite format in organizing your content? Or do you just wing it for what you feel like? Hit reply and let me know!

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