I promise I won’t be as annoying about the retreats from here on out if you aren’t signed up for the Retreat Newsletters, but I had to just talk about WHO will be speaking at the retreat really fast! You know, because I really want you to be as excited about it as I am! Hopefully even more! So here is another attempt at me trying to persuade you into needing these retreats ;)

(Haha I just broke like so many promoting rules in that last paragraph, but I don’t are, just being honest and real #letsgetreal !)

So who will be PRESENTING and SPEAKING at the March retreat (Asheville details tbd)???

  1. Shana Dewitt! @shana_dewitt My personal business coach will be speaking on Business Planning and strategy when creating new content

  2. Tala Shatara! @talashatara My dear friend and blogger will be talking about all things social media networking and creating impact.

  3. Tatiana Amaeva @millionlashespro will be talking about branding and creating a name for yourself!

  4. Nikki Huebner @endure_lash The owner of Endure Lash will be speaking on  how to work through grieve and turning hardship into your story and brand.

  5. Molly Mae @unicornmavz_ will be bringing us the WOO WOO of life with some meditation, visualization, talking about how to stay grounded in our everyday lives with positive routines, tips, and tricks.

  6. Bri McCarver @asiakaybeauty I will be taking some staging photography classes and will be teaching you all what I learn for your filler content! As well as Manifestation, and probably many other things as they come in my mind lol ;D

  7. YOU!! Yes YOU who will be attending will be just as much an educator as a learner. We all come from different places, backgrounds, and industries. Our speakers will be more of a discussion setting rather than a lecture. This is my favorite way to learn and I hope you like it just as much! We will be have many brainstorming prompts, activities and learning experiences during the whole thing! As well as fun down time too of course, because we will be practicing balance between both personal and business time:)

So, have I done my job and persuaded you yet? Let’s take our relationship to the next level and get deeper within what our souls need and earn for. CONNECTION!! #letsgetreal

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