Ok, by now you have heard of these Retreat things a few times. So let’s clear the air on some info;

Why? More like why not? For starters this is not another way for me to make money. I am making $0 doing this. If anything I am losing money. So why would I be doing these then? Well for one I wanted to have one for myself but couldn’t find one, so my thought was just to make one. Bringing a small group of strong women together to create connection. It is as simple as you want it to be and as deep as you want it to be. So the simplest answer to the WHY is CONNECTION with other like minded souls and humans.

Who is it for? If YOU are a female, an entrepreneur or want to be one or have an idea for something then this is for YOU!

Bakers, potters, beauticians, yoga gurus, pole dancers, embroiderers, graphic designers, photographers, models, and everyone in between!! I don’t care what you do, just that you are doing something that your soul calls you to do.


1. Time away during your slow seasons to reconnect with yourself and your business in and more profound way than you ever have before. ⠀

2. Make new boss babe friends from around the country in many different industries and building each other up. ⠀

3. Take your business and personal life to the next level. ⠀

It is time we take control of both parts of our lives at the same time. No more working on your business yet lacking at your personal or the other way around. These retreats will help you with both equally!! ⠀

New year. New anything you would like! As long as you are better than you were last year:) ⠀

When? March 8-11 and October 18-23 2019!! This year is one of growth and prosperity! I feel it! And it all starts here. ⠀

Where?? Asheville North Carolina and the Florida Keys!!

If you want to stay in the know of the retreats - sign up here! http://eepurl.com/dKb4hA

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