Guys! Running a lash business has it’s ups and downs. We want to learn to avoid the downs as much as possible. Having co-owned a salon, moved three times, mentored, trained and been an ambassador I do have some sage advice about found a lash business you can thrive and love for yourself! Here are my 6 investments that had totally saved my business!!

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Investment #1: A SOLID education. To this day, I believe I have taken 8 lash classes that I have paid over 1200+ for each, many online seminars, attended the International Beauty Show, books, podcasts and live chats have all equated to a well rounded and solid education. Without this, I would not feel comfortable teaching anyone anything, nor would I be qualified. Investing in your career is the ONLY way you will see real growth. If you don't have the education, and the ability to apply what you have learned, your business will have no backbone.

Investment #2: An official bookkeeper. When you get to the point where you are purchasing kits and manuals for others, buying flights, managing your own clientele payments, paying 2 assistants and still need to budget to retire one day, you NEED someone who will make sure nothing falls through the cracks financially. Invest in an ESCORP, LLC and/or a tax professional (hey even a financial advisor) to help you safely and efficiently reach those big goals and legally protect you.

Investment #3: A business coach: Not to be confused with a financial advisor or accountant, my business coach whom I love, @shana_dewitt  is in charge of helping me see my visions come to light. She helps me discuss business ideas, logistics and build a game plan to see them come to light. She also helps me dream a little bigger and suggest content to work on per month via Instagram.

Investment #4: Planoly: A great app I pay for monthly that helps me schedule my upcoming posts. Investing in my social media is essential to me, but running a full time lash business of my own, doing trainings, and living a semi-regular life leaves me little time to invest in social platforms! When I sit down on a sunday, I bang out a couple hours writing blog posts, newsletter updates, and editing photos and laying out my instagram before it launches to make sure I'm sticking with my themes! Which leads me into my next investment!

Investment #5: My assistant: @passionforeyelashin is mostly my social media manager, but she also helps me discuss out new business ventures and how to accomplish them! She helps me write posts, answer DM's and keep my social platforms running smoothly. She helps with anything else I need such as: editing photos, emailing, boosting posts ect. This investment has totally saved by business by saving my sanity! I adore her and love what she is able to do for me while I'm building my business as much as I can!

Investment #6: Myself: From self help books, to personal time and vacation, I make sure to invest in the person who is making all these investments! Without me Bri, @asiakaybeauty is dead. I be sure to draw fine lines on what I can and cannot do, and check in with often with my inner self and see if I feel balanced and at peace with the direction I am headed. I also speak positively to myself to insure for healthy growth! Invest in things you love, getting your lashes done, have a creative outlet that isn't your everyday job and have a hobby. "All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy." Be well rounded as it makes you more relatable and happier in all aspects of your life!

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