Oh the dreaded words. I dread the phrase “burn-out” just as much as I think “go to hell”, because burn-out IS really an artist's HHEELLLL! We want to strive for the exact opposite we want to BURN UP, shine bright and make fire!!! (As the song “‘we didn’t start the fire” goes through my head.) But really we as artists want to start fires!! Spread our flares and make sure everyone feels our heat and sees our light.

How to know if you are BURNING UP!!

  1. You have a joy for the work you do

  2. You give more than people expect

  3. You are always looking for new and artistic things to add to your work

  4. There are new ideas flowing to you often of quotes to live by and ideas of things you can do.

  5. Find a learning experience wherever you go

How to know if you are in BURN OUT :(

  1. Dread going to work

  2. Work more than 38 hours and feel like you have not time for yourself

  3. You change plans on family and friends just to do a little more work

  4. Your schedule revolves around making people happy (I know I am not the only people pleaser out there.)

  5. Feeling like your job controls your life

So how are you feeling??? It is time to take a little R&R for yourself and see where your head is at. Take a morning walk (or any walk in that case) without any music and just check in with yourself. Where are you at? Are you on the verge of burnout? Do you think you are on fire and killin it? What is going on?

Tune in next week for how to survive your burn out and turn over into burn up!!

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