I was asked this question while I was in Las Vegas at the IBS show; “What does authenticity mean to you and why do you think it’s important for those in our industry to practice it?”



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  1. not false or copied; genuine; real:

That right there is what “authentic” means. We are all authentic in our own way. This is what separates us from being robots and being human. I hope you one that is human!! This comes into play for me a lot when I am finding my lash tribe, friends, family, and companies that I support. If one is super robotic then I feel no connection. Authenticity creates connection with people. Being your authentic self is also doing what you do best, be you. Keep you head in your own lane, say what you want to say, post what you want to post, stop second guessing your opinion, and just finally being you!!!! I still work on this every day, but as I write this in my favorite coffee shop in downtown knoxville drinking an iced vanilla latte while I sit at a window seat watching the summer rain I am being my authentic self by doing what I love to do best! Drink good coffee from a local shop, work on my computer (being a cool coffee shop girl), watching the rain and helping you! At least I hope I am helping you that is lol. If anything I hope to entertain you! That works too!!

What is your definition of authenticity? How are you able to show that through what you do? I want to hear what you think!

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