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If you haven’t noticed I run a blog DUH and I try to stay pretty consistent, posting about once a week. Recently I was asked; “How do you create consistent content and stay inspired? Is it beneficial for any lash artist to have a blog? What are some tips for getting started.”


Creating consistent content comes from batch work. I usually write out all my emails and blog posts one month in advance. Throughout the month I add ideas that I can post about to my “Post Idea List”. 


YES!! Have a blog! This is a new way to serve your clients or your specified audience! It creates a new way to connect with you through words and not just fancy pictures that we post on social media. 


To get started, first have a website. I use SquareSpace for mine. Second, start making a “Post Idea List” on your phone, and add to it frequently! If you hear something you like, add to it! This counts also if you are lying in bed about to fall asleep and you think of something amazing!

I hope this helped you if you have been thinking these same questions!!! Let me know what you think and if you need help in these topics! I can’t wait to talk about them with you!

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