Oh IBS (international beauty show - not irritable bowel syndrome- like who named this thing?!) you have a special place in my heart. If you have not been able to go to a trade show yet PLEASE MAKE IT A PRIORITY NEXT YEAR! Like please do yourself the favor of getting inspired and being around your own beauty blood and talk the day away about the passions in the bottom of your hearts. If you have the ability on top of that to take classes - DO SO! Take as many as you can! Free or paid! You will get at least 1 thing out of every class that you take no matter the subject! Trade shows are where you go to feed your inner artists HUNGER!

I took a business and social media class while at the show, they were $200 each, and do you want my HONEST opinion?

They sucked. I feel like I could have taught a better class than that. We even went to a few free classes and we got more out of those than the paid one! Yes I won’t deny that we got some inspiration and a couple new quotes here and there about the instructors perspective but that is about it. I was expecting an advanced class and ended up taking a beginners (false advertising on their part.) But out of all that, was it a waste? No. I would do it all over again honestly. Why you may ask?


1- I got a lot of new ideas for advertising

2- the list of content I got from being inspired by it is up to 200+

3- meeting new people

4- refreshers are always a plus no matter what level you are at!

5- i busted my ankle and so sitting for the first half of the morning was nice:)


Apart from classes the floor is so fun to walk around! I met Jenelle from Lash Affair and she is the sweetest! Also working the EBL booth on the last day gave me a newfound respect for all them babes that work them. If you want to see how being a manufacturing is in the slightest, work a booth at a trade show. I dare you.

If you went to IBS what did you learn? What was your favorite part?

Next year I plan on going to LAI in March and IBS in June! Want to join me? Let me know!

Bri McCarverComment