Are you protected?!

We have life insurance for if we get hurt.


We hAve car insurance for if the car gets hurt.

Now what protection do you have if our business gets hurt?

Our businesses are our babies! It is a no brainer that you would have it protected as well.

Did you know that your client contracts (and any contracts really) to be legit need to be approved by an Attorney? BORING! Right?! Who wants to do that?! Add another thing to the list of TO DO’s that I already have to do. Thank you law system!

I am happy to say that you won’t have to do anything more than click a couple buttons and add a couple words for you to be on your way to a happy, attorney approved contract!


Asia Kay Beauty is now an Affiliate with The Contract Shop!! What does that mean? Well you get to have contracts that are just for you!

I purchased the Hair and beauty for my lash clients and it couldn’t be more perfect. I even added a little at the end of things I specifically like on my contract - like only saying I am aloud to let go of any client at any time if need be for any reason. Next I purchased the Model Waiver, because we all know we take pictures of literally EVERYTHING!

Follow the links to get your own! They never expire, and all you do is add the info that makes it yours! Worth every penny I 1000% promise.

Have protection questions? Just let me know:)

Bri McCarverComment