Let’s say that you have Betty as a client.

When Betty first started coming to you, you guys kicked it right off! Good connection, great lash designing. Everything went just swell!

Fast forward, Betty has been canceling at the time of appointment or no showing. This has happened more than 3 times. And when she does come she complains that they are not long enough even though you tell her the consequences of adding too much length.

You are fully booked, so first off you can not fit her in when she changes plans last minute.

Second, you have a waiting list of people wanting to get in that you could have gotten in if you didn’t have the drama with Betty.

Whatever the circumstance - you are not getting the part of the relationship that you need to move forward.

What do you tell Betty? You don’t want to hurt her feelings. You don’t want her to go out and bash my name. What do you do?!

First off, you gotta do what is best for YOU and YOUR business. We get very close to our clients, so much so that at times we may feel like they are family. BUT!! Do not mistake family for bad clients. Even if family was acting like Betty is I wouldn’t let them get away with it. It is downright disrespectful and you do not deserve to be treated like that when you are putting your heart and soul into your business.

Here is what we say to Betty -

Hey girl! It’s Asia! I just wanted to pop in there and tell you how much I appreciate you supporting me and my business! I couldn’t have gotten where I am today without you. With every set of lashes I do my work gets better and better! Lately we have been having some scheduling conflicts. As I have been as lenient as I can and getting you in on my days off or on my lunch, I am unable to do this anymore. I don’t have any hard feelings at all! I respect you and wanted to inform you that I will not longer be able to accommodate your schedule. Here are some Lash Tech’s that I recommend for you to try who should be able to work with you a little bit more! I wish you all the best and hope to see you around!

That wasn’t so hard was it?

I have definitely had my fair share of client relationships that just don’t feel right. We literally pour our heart and soul into our businesses. We do not deserve to be walked on by others just because we work for ourselves. If anything shouldn’t it be the other way around? Everyone would KILL to have the flexibility that we do with our jobs. Now if anyone is draining you of your life, inspiration, and positivity, then it is time to let them go. The only thing that will happen by holding on to them is creating bad energy in your work space. Which is so not cool. So do yourself and other client’s a favor.

Client’s choose us, but guess what? We get to choose them as well. Just like any other relationship in life, it HAS GOT TO have that 50/50 split in respect. If it isn’t there completely, then it may be time to move on and let someone else in. I even recently put this in my consent forms and you should too;

Client/Lash Artist Relationship

I reserve the right to deny services to a client should I feel the client/Lash Artist relationship is no longer mutually respected/beneficial.

I hope you liked this series all about clientele!! If you have any further questions or recommendations for newsletters please just hit reply! I really do love hearing from you!

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