Happy week business babe!

Last week we found out who our client is and is NOT! Ok but now how you do find them?

  1. WORD OF MOUTH - meaning, once you do one girl who is in a huge gang of soccer mom’s that drive Range Rovers, then you get them all! They TALK! They don’t just talk about the gossip in town but also how to have easier makeup and beauty routines! LASHES! DUH!

  2. BEING IN THEIR FRONT OF MIND - meaning, where are they looking? Where are they going? How can you get in front of their face without down right begging them to come to you? Do Nail techs lashes, do photographers lashes, do the girls who work at boutiques, do girls who work at sephora or even better yet their nanny’s or gym coaches! Those are just some ideas! After they see that you do someone they are connected to, they go to your social media - mostly insta at this point in time.

Bri Headshots-0032.jpg

What will they see? Will they see a bunch of randomness? Pics of their friends in real life? Pics of fashion? Beauty tips and hacks?! BTW you want to be doing the last 3!

Then of course you can do the old school route and give out your cards to tanning salons, boutiques, gyms, and even the waitress! Which by the way, waitress’s are great people to have as well PS.

That is it for this week!! Tune in next week!!!! If you have any clientele questions hit reply!

DARE OF THE WEEK!!!! POST A REAL LIFE PIC OF LASHES! This could be you or one of your clients. Pretend you are on a walk with a friend and you just happened to have gotten a pic of them and their amazing lashes! Be sure to #idareyoutodoyou so I can see it!

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