This past week was my first week working from home.

Working from home has AMAZING benefits. Like doing laundry in between clients, sending emails and working on content with free wifi, choosing my own music, having my own smell in the oil diffuser, ect.


With all the change going on in my life right now - moving business home for a couple months, creating an education program, traveling, family, and reconnecting my mind and body (may have more talk on this later), I got sick. I ONLY get sick when I am going through a lot in my life.

My husband jinxed me by saying “Oh you haven’t gotten sick in a couple years! It’s awesome!” Then BAM out of know where the next day I got the worst sinus infection I have ever had. I kept asking Gavin to hit me with a brick so I would be unconscious through the whole sick process. Lol not joke.

So now what do I do with my clients? I got sick on a Wednesday. I have two more days of clients. What the heck do I do?

You do have the option to cancel all your appointments and move them to the next week. But that means working longer hours and hating my life all over again.

What I did was give my clients the option. As I will be high on Dayquil and coffee I knew I could make it through my appointments OK, but I knew that some might be germ sensitive. So this is what I texted them:

Hey girl! I have come down with a sinus infection out of the blue. I am giving you the option to reschedule for next week or to keep your appointment this week. I am on medication and taking every possible cleaning precaution that I possibly can. Please let me know what you would be most comfortable doing!

That was it. It was the easiest thing I think I have ever done. I was worried they were all just gonna reschedule but half stayed and half rescheduled. Which was perfect! More rest but still able to do some work that week without killing myself the next from working over time!

Next time you get sick but could still work, I highly recommend just letting your clients know. The more open and respectful you are with them, they will do the same in return!

Happy lashing my friends!

Bri McCarverComment