10 Reasons Cleaning Your Lashes is Essential

bat n rouge product-lashes-0032.jpg
  1. Your lashes will stay longer. (Not a lie, I promise they will.)

  2. Clean lashes reduces potential allergies from occurring.

  3. It will minimize eye irritation.

  4. Make your lashes fluffy again. (Squeaky clean!)

  5. Your lash artist won’t have to do double the work to apply an extension. If there is build up on the lashes of any kind the extensions will stick to the build up, not the natural lash, so the artist will have to apply it a bazillion times hoping one time it will stay.

  6. Happy lashes = happy lash artist

  7. Reduces lash irritations

  8. Fights against Blepharitis and Lash mites. (GROSS!)

  9. Human hygiene. Just like our hair build up oil, so do our lashes.

  10. Easier makeup application! Have you ever tried to do a winged liner with gunk all over your eyes? Yeah it doesn’t go over well.


Moral of the story, CLEAN YOUR LASHES PLEASE!

Bri McCarverComment