I Don’t Want to Charge too Much…

If these are your thoughts, then maybe you should give this article a good read through a couple times.

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Talking to a few lash friends (@eyedentity_ & @adornlashartistry) and we were discussing pricing and what makes us more valuable than others. Not we were not bragging about ourselves rather just trying to break down the logistics of what makes you worth what you charge,

A few things came up like -

~How much education you have

~What city you are in (demographics)

~How much experience you have.

But really none of these are right either. An artist can be a newbie and totally rock our socks off yes another artist who has years of experience can makes us have cold feet and put the socks back on.

So what are we worth? One of the girls -stated above- shared a post from Forbes. I have personally never been interested in Forbes, but I thought, “why not read it? She sent it for a reason right?” I open it up and hope that I won’t get bored reading it, but right from the start I was brought in. (I hope I can write that well one day!) The topic was on Rossano Ferretti. “Ferretti is responsible for one of the most innovative haircutting techniques to date, called “The Method.” (In short: it involves patented texturizing scissors that snip about 12% less hair than traditional ones.)”

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Want to know how much his haircut costs?........... $1500…………… (cricket, cricket.) You read that right. Fifteen Hundred Dollars for a HAIRCUT! When Katie Chang was invited to experience this exclusive and luxurious service she was intrigued.


“It was then he asked me: ‘What do you want me to do?’

Though it had been a couple months since my last cut, I liked how my hair was growing out. So I thought a few inches off would make it look tidier. ‘How about a trim?’

‘I don't do trims. I don't even know what that means.’

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for Ferretti to sense how surprised I was with his response.

In a gentle but firm tone, he continued, ‘Listen, you shouldn't have to pay a stylist to ask you want you want. I follow the natural beauty of your hair. I respect everybody, but I know what hair needs. I create beauty around what nature gives you, to give you a haircut that’s right just for you.’”


Now the question is, what defines your worth? Do you give options to your clients?

Do you ask what they want not matter if it looks good on them or not?

Or do you let them come in, provide a top notch service just for them that not one else can duplicate?

Comment your thoughts!

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