GOODIE BAGS Lash clients?


You expect your client’s to follow your aftercare right? You tell them during and at the end of the service on what they have to do to protect their investment of your service. Yet you won't’ offer them the products they need to follow your recommendations?

I DARE YOU to from now all, all new clients you get, whether that is a full set or a fill, to give them a goodie bag.

It will make them feel special because you took the time to put it together for them. They will feel more taken care of and fully appreciated for their investment in you.

The client invests in you, so why not invest in them?

Your goodie bag can be as simple or elaborate as you want it to be. Here is what I put in my goodie bags and how I make them!

I put in a

  1. Lash cleanser (in a foam pump bottle.)

  2. Coupon for the next appointment (30% off the next appointment.)

  3. Referral program card (free fill if they refer a full set client.)

  4. Postcard outlining the aftercare instructions.

  5. Business card outlining the steps to washing their lashes.

  6. My business card

  7. A couple lash wands with straw coverings for protection.

  8. If I am feeling extra special I will throw in a couple yummy candies.

This costs me about $8 to make one goodie bag. $8 investment is not bad, and is well worth it! (PS this is one of my tricks to building a clientele!) When they need a new cleanser or product then I retail it to them, but the first time is always a gift for them!

Links to my favorite products!

  1. Goodie bag:

  2. Gift tag:

  3. Straws (cut each straw into 4 parts):

  4. Jbrand Cleanser (makes 20 foam pump bottles of cleanser):

  5. Foam pump bottles:


Email me pics of your goodie bags! I want to see them! I really do!

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