It is ok to make mistakes. Even if they are publicly known mistakes.

This is what I learned from my 10 day trip to Miami. As I have stated before, I am like a sponge. I soak up what everyone else is doing and thinking around me. This is my biggest weakness. Yes I just admitted to the secret of my inner self, but I know this is a place of non-judgment.

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I learned on this trip that I have made mistakes. Most people would see them as stepping stones in my brand and business, but I see them as regrets and things I could have done better if only I took a step back and actually thought through what I was doing. I do appreciate every step I have taken and I don’t completely wish they never happened as I hugely learn from each and every one of them. That is the point of view I have to sit with to be able to accept my mistakes. Mistakes are not mistakes, they are just ways that you learn to become a better you. I honestly have to tell myself this all the freakin time!

I could have taken this class instead of this one for the same price. I could have made better friend choices. I could have not been a push over. As much as I wish these wouldn’t happen, these become a part of me and mold me into who I am today. These experiences make me stronger help me find who I am as a person and business owner.

If you relate to this at all I would love to hear your story! We are never alone! I am being raw and real and I would love to invite you to be as well! Email me!

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