Does that make me a jerk? Maybe, if you want to think of me as that so be it. I will take full responsibility for staying in my own lane. I run by business based on how I feel and ideas that pop into my head. I am doing me. This is the first time I have done that in my entire life and I have never been happier.

By nature I a basically a sponge. Whoever I am around I soak up all they have to offer and everything they are and have. That means that their wants and needs start to become my own and I adapt to basically being a mini version of them.

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It is time to listen to what you have to say.



Yippy! This means, that I naturally like to watch rather than interact if I am in a crowd. I may be on Instagram sometimes looking for inspiration and seeing how everyone is doing, but I am not on for long. It is never fun being sucked into the loophole of what everyone else is doing while you watch it happen while sitting in your car not wanting to go get groceries.

If I did not have a business I would not have anything to do with social media. Why? “What you do not know won’t kill you,” or being intentionally ignorant. This is the only true way I can tune into myself and my inner soul and ask what it needs.

There IS such thing as unfollowing someone because you love them too much. You can support and love someone a whole heck of a lot more ways than just following them. If someone’s page only brings up envy, sadness and jealousy because you want what they have or do, then unfollow them. There is nothing wrong in that act.

You choose what you see, hear, and do every day. Make sure it is all positive and uplifting. Don’t let a single thing into your circle that brings negativity in any way. If you are feeling toxic and overwhelmed and you don’t know where to go or what to do or who you are, take a step back. Move across the country like I did! Or just have a day to yourself with nothing else in your head but you. No phone, no people, just you and the great expanse of your soul.

I dare you to do these 5 things this week:

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  1. Turn off your phone for one our this week. Yes just one hour, super easy right? Put it in your schedule right now as you are reading this. Take this hour to go for a walk, go to the library, go for a quiet drive, do yoga, or meditate. Just be alone with you and entertain any ideas that pop up.

  2. Make a list of 3 things that would make you happier in your day to day life. Ex. daily meditation/yoga, working out, reading, waking up without an alarm, good food, or even giving to others. Options are unlimited!

  3. Evaluate your social media and eliminate any pages that don’t bring light into your life.

  4. See who you hang out with. If they are not completely your soul buddy, let them go.

5. Find a quote that you live by. Make a post either from pinterest or make one yourself on @rhonnadesigns and post it on your social media. Hashtag #idareyoutodoyou so I can see your post. The caption is up to you, you can leave it blank you or write how you feel about the quote.

Those things aren’t so hard right?! This takes time to develop and incorporate into your life. Doing these 5 things and listing things out is the very first step to taking any action. I am giving you permission to take that action.