Logo’s are I swear the hardest thing to make next to figuring out what your business name is.

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Why do you need one?

~Your logo is the first thing people see. Just like Starbucks, their logo is the green lady on their cup and everything you see with that logo you know is related to Starbucks somehow. That is what you need to have for your business. Mine is a lotus, and every time you see a lotus I want you to think of me!

~Logo’s will be your front and center look displaying who you are. Show a little of your personality mixed with business. You can print this and have it on your storefront, make stickers, make business cards, and of course watermarking your work - so not one can steal it and claim it as theirs.

So what do I need in my logo?

I will just use me as an example here. Being attached to anything lotus as far back as I can remember I love the image of a lotus. I even have a tattoo of one! The symbolism of a lotus is one that deeply resonates with me and so naturally I want it to be my business symbol and logo. For my fonts - personally I hate writing in print, I mostly always write in cursive. So, cursive in my logo was a must. My logo now represents me and my business and what I stand for.


Where do you get a logo now?

There are of course free online places you can get logos or you can pay for one from Etsy. My #1 choice of where to get a logo for any business is Cari from Space Bar Designs. She made my logo and a good chunk of my friends logos as well! She knows all the right questions to ask to see what will fit you best. Even if you don’t know exactly what you want, she will help you work through it.

While I was in Miami a couple weeks ago I was able to sit down with her for a day and get to know exactly what she does. Cari has a deep passion for design and brand development. She can create anything from your website to logo, brand mood board and social media posts. Really anything to do with the visual aspect of your brand she can help you with. Hands down and kissing the ground Cari is my #1 source for anything you need. Being very affordable and offering brand packages she is a must! Don’t believe me? Go look at her work on @facexcape @revolashion and @elanartistry.oc.

To contact her go to her website at and her instagram

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