This is a HUGE controversial subject. To wear or not to wear a mask while lashing.

I say DO WEAR A MASK! Why?

Not all people have super major negative symptoms from over exposure to our lash products (mostly black adhesive) but some minor ones do happen even if you don’t know it yet. This industry is still so new, we don’t know what the complete long term effects are on our bodies. Just like working out, what you do today will take more affect tomorrow.

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Even though you can’t see them, your adhesive is giving micro particles. These are so small you can barely see them. You can surely smell them though! In playing recently with clear adhesive - little to not smell - then going back to black adhesive I have now noticed physical symptoms of exposure in myself. I have heard many stories from others but never experienced them till now.

Symptoms may include and are not limited to;

  1. Dry sinuses/nasal passages
  2. Sinus pressure
  3. Stuffy or runny nose
  4. Headaches
  5. Dizziness

So far the only product I have found that alleviates my symptoms is a Vogmask.

A Vogmask is a multi level made fabric mask that is reusable. It is really comfortable to wear and it protects against microscopic particles of a diameter of .3 microns. That is good! This is exactly what us lash artists need! A Vogmask would work great for a hair stylist using color or even a nail tech as well!


Life of a Vogmask

The useful life depends on the environmental conditions the mask in which the mask is worn. The mask may be reused until the Use by Date marked on the packaging. The obsolescence date is three (3) years from the date of manufacture.  In environments of poor air quality, the particle filtering media will become saturated in as little as 3-4 months. There is a sudden increase in breathing resistance indicating the entire mask needs to be replaced.

Vogmask's is certified as a Reusable mask product. Once the middle layer particle filtering textile is clogged with microscopic particles, there is an increase in breathing resistance and a new mask is needed.


Can I wash my Vogmask?

Yes, the recommended washing instructions are:

  1. Rinse outer and inner layer with water
  2. Add a drop of liquid dish-washing soap
  3. Rinse again and hang to fully dry before storage
  4. Contaminants cannot multiply on textile without moisture



vog mask details.jpg
  • Outer faceblank (MicRofiber or organic cotton)
  • Exhalation valve (s)
  • Coconut shell carbon bonded to textile
  • N99 efficiency particle filtering microfiber
  • Inner faceblank (microfiber or organic cotton)
  • Aluminum nosepiece
  • Sew-in identifier tag
  • Latex free spandex trim and ear loop



Have I convinced you to get a mask yet? 

Post a picture of your Vogmask and tag #idareyoutodoyou so I can see it!
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