Adhesive Love: My Favorite Adhesive Products for Lash Extensions

Good mythical day to you gorgeous! So adhesive, both your best friend and sometimes your worst enemy.

I am constantly trying new adhesives, if you have noticed, but the tried and true Lashmaker’s Instant Bond and J Brands Lux adhesive are always my go-to. No matter where you are on this planet (even Utah cuz believe me I KNOW what ya’ll are up against,) their humidity range is flexible and effortless. Dry time is actually 1-2 seconds.

Having trouble with your drying time no matter what?? I can’t STRESS to you enough how much humidity plays a part in adhesive curing.


Insta Bond


Temp: 73-76 degrees

Humidity: 10%-60%

Ingredients: Ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate,  Poly (methyl methacrylate), Carbon black

Viscosity: Thin

Temp: 70-76 degrees

Humidity: 10%-60%

Ingredients: Ethyl 2-cyanoacrylate,  Poly (methyl methacrylate)

Viscosity: Medium-Thick


These are great for both classic and volume ( I love me a well rounded adhesive)

And another tip, do NOT put it into a jar of rice. This adhesive is balanced so that it will account for the humidity in the air so rice will only dry up your bottle!


What is the difference between carbon (black) glue and clear glue? Simplicity in chemical make-up. That’s a huge one! When your glue goes for being 3 ingredients down to just 2, fewer allergies occur, the quicker the dry time can be, and the more flexible your humidity range can be. Taking out the ink will allow for the adhesive to be more concentrated, therefore creating a low fume, low allergen product!! Girls, those allergic to carbon, your prayers have been answered!! You can have eyelash extensions again!!


Again, knowing your different adhesives, what properties they hold and the make-up for them all will give you desired results in the environment that you are lashing in! Do your research, ask around, and good luck with your lashing journey!!

Shana Dewitt