How to keep clientele once you have a solid client base

Congratulations! You have built a clientele! Now we have to make sure to keep them! PS this goes hand in hand with my “How to build a clientele in 3 months”.

The better you treat your clients now, will ensure their loyalty, and more clients will come your way because of how much your clients now will rave about how amazing you are!

It is all a big circle. You have to give love to get love.

These are my top ways to keep a clientele;

  1. Referral program. If one refers a full set client then they get a free fill.

  2. Christmas, birthday, and wedding goodie bags.

  3. $5 off the next service when you tag me in a social media post. (also known as a selfie).

  4. Share videos with them on how to take care of their lashes. The more you learn about lashes, they also should learn about them.

  5. Loyalty punch card, after coming X amount of times you will get X off your appointment!


This may be a lot to do and think about, but if you take one at a time focus on that one thing then the next month add another till you are giving them as much as they give you. You will be golden!



Shana Dewitt