How to expand your new product supply

We all have noticed how many dozens of lash companies are out there. All claiming to say they have the best product on the market, but how do you know which one really fits you?


Trying new lash products can be nerve-racking, and scary.


What if my clients have a bad reaction?

What if it is just a waste of money?

What if I absolutely hate it?


First and foremost you have to know what you like and don’t like in a product, that way you know what to look for!


When I try a new product or brand, I make sure to follow these steps;


  1. Do you believe in their company message and what they stand for?

  2. Do you hear a lot, (more than 4), of good reviews about that product or company?

  3. Is the MSDS or ingredients of the product publicly accessible?

    1. Are you OK with the ingredients listed?


If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you have the bright green light to go ahead and test it out. Feast your heart out on expanding your product horizons.


Trying new products is the best way to find what you like most. This is also the best way to learn your lash product knowledge!!



Shana Dewitt