After seeing a recent survey done by one of my dear friends the results didn’t shock me. She asked - now many of you want to go into lash education in their career? The results were about 75% saying yes. This didn’t shock me at all as this is almost all i hear from people these days, that they want to train.

So it made me start thinking - what makes on an educator? Apart from just being one who educates? Here are some things that came to mind;

  1. Patience. Just like teaching kids, one must have patience to teach adults as well. We all learn in different ways and at different speeds. Be mindful of this.

  2. At least a little good with a computer. Just enough to at least be able to make a power-point and a few handouts or so. Everything else can be hired out as far as graphics and design go.

  3. Of course you need to be able to help troubleshoot any situation. Recently i was asked if i would teach lash lift and i said no because i can’t tell anyone how to fix a situation if one come upon it.

  4. There definitely isn’t a time frame where i would say you have to lash for X amount of time before starting to educate. I have been lashing for 7 years and educating for 3.5 of them. As long as you are able to find a niche that you see lacking in the industry and are able to create ORGANIC information and not just repeat what everyone else is doing, than you are good.

  5. Flexible in time is a MUST. Ask my husband what he hates most about my job and he will say it is how much i work at home-because i still lash full time. Working on my course content, making a new launch, working on a new project, designing my own graphics, working with hosts, sending emails to students, updating my website, ordering kits, booking flights and hotels, and don’t get me started on social media (PS i have someone help with that for a reason!) last but not least you have to be flexible with time away from home. Even if you are training in your hometown, training’s will most likely happen on days you want a day off. Just sayin.

  6. One thing- You do not however need all the money in the world to launch. Which is great! That is why people pay deposits so you don’t have to pay for kits out of pocket!

  7. Communication. Be good at it. As good as you can be and even more so. Just do it. Please.

  8. Keeping up on education yourself. Just because you educate doesn’t mean you stop there. I still take at least 2 training’s a year. Whether that be business, graphic design, or lashing. I am always learning and applying and innovating, whole of course creating my own new discoveries as well.

  9. Planning!! YOU HAVE TO LEARN HOW GO BE A GOOD PLANNER. I don’t see how one would do my job without being even somewhat good at planning.

  10. Lastly one of THE HARDEST i have dealt with is making my own opinion. You read that right. I have the hardest thinking about options of a specific topic and deciding where i sit. With so much being posted these days and so much content continually being shared it is hard for me to not mold into them. So i choose to make my opinion then be something i call “potentially ignorant”. This means i keep my head down. I support my other fellow educators 1000% and to the ends of the earth. But there is only so much i can take in so it doesn’t mess with my education styles.

  11. BONUS! Sticking to your guns. Don’t mold yourself like another educator. Stay in your lane. We all have different teaching styles, brand styles and writing styles. You can appreciate someone else’s style without copying them. Make sure you innovate your own style and stick with it. You can be inspired, but don’t copy.

I hope if you are ever thinking about educating that you read over this and think about it greatly. Education is not something that is something you whip out in one day and call it good. It is a serious matter that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

We are coming close to the new year and i can’t wait to see what you all have planned for your businesses and personally! I also can’t wait for all you to see what we have in store here at Asia Kay!!

If you have thought about educating, what is holding you back? Don’t know where to start? Let’s chat! Email me! asiakaybeauty@gmail.com

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