This may be a daunting question when choosing your courses next year, but have not fear! If you consider all of the following and narrow down your search, it will be a lot easier to choose where you invest in your business.

I personally take at least two training’s a year, whether that be lashes, business, or graphic design I am always learning and implementing new tactics to my business. This career as entrepreneurs is forever ongoing and changing.

Here I have given you the types of courses there is for you to take and some things to consider when you are eyeing a specific training.

Remember! Stay true to your personal values and your business values. And if you don’t have any, then it is time to get some! Make sure you are supporting brands than represent everything you believe in!

Let’s get started!!

4 types of training’s

  1. Online training

    1. Pros

      1. Convenient

      2. Cost effective - usually cheaper

      3. Can access anytime, anywhere

      4. Can always go over and watch again

    2. Cons

      1. Not in person 1:1 work, you may have to learn some angles and stuff on your own

      2. Sometimes don’t provide a certificate

      3. A little harder to ask questions with a teacher not present

  2. Brand training (training with a lash brand)

    1. Pros

      1. Brand support - sometimes share your work

      2. Easy to find a training near you

      3. Sometimes get discounts on their products

      4. Get all the know of their products

    2. Cons

      1. Big classes - less 1:1 time

      2. Get lost in a sea of students - not as special

      3. Trainers teach curriculum whether that is what they do or not

      4. Not all the brand product may be best

  3. Personal artist training

    1. Pros

      1. More relate-able

      2. More 1:1 time

      3. Can be more personalized to exactly what you need

      4. Most likely going to have ongoing support

      5. Get to try a mix of products

    2. Cons  

      1. Can be more costly

      2. If not chosen correctly you may just be wasting your money on someone phony

  4. Beauty school training

    1. Pros

      1. Convenient if you are already in school

      2. Can be counted towards your hours

      3. Able to practice before you go off on your own

    2. Cons

      1. Not usually taught by an actually eyelash extension provider

      2. Big class sizes

      3. Might have to pay extra on top of your tuition

      4. Super short classes where you don’t get everything you need

Of course keep in mind that these lists are just from my observations and from talking to others in the industry.

You can see me talk about this here -

Now that you have a type of training in mind that you think might be best for your personality and needs- here are some other things to keep in mind;

  1. How long is the class?

    1. If the course is 1 day, please don’t consider it unless it is just a refresher

    2. If the course is 2 day, or 3 day than you usually are better off!

  2. Who is the instructor?

    1. Do you know the instructors? Do they do lashes themselves? Do you like the work they share? Are they personable?

  3. How many are aloud to attend the class?

    1. Of course the bigger the class sizes the less 1:1 help you will get. Make sure to ask how many are in the class or what the max size is.

  4. Are there model work during the course?

    1. If you are taking a full training (not just refresher) you have to work on a model with an instructor to be able to fully grasp it and fly high in your lash business!

  5. What makes them different from others and what values do you truly like from them?

    1. I talk about this as Brand Values. Just like having values for your dream husband - what are the values you like to see in a supporting brand/business?

    2. Why are you drawn to them? Is it because they are instafamous? Is it because everyone is doing it and you want to as well? Or is it because you are drawn to them, their presence, their knowledge, their work and you see good results come from their courses?

  6. Will there be ongoing support after the course?

    1. I hope that is a yes. If it ever is a no, please turn away and choose someone else. There is so much that comes up later in your business that I am sure you would like help on!

  7. What has other students accomplished since taking that course?

    1. Do the past students ...

      1. Not lash anymore?

      2. Open up their own shop?

      3. Does their work get better?

    2. Obviously if most students are not continuing that might be a big red flag.

  8. Where is the training located?

    1. Is it in a city around you? Or do you have to travel? Personally I love to travel for training’s!

Now, having all that to consider might be a little daunting but when it comes to your business, education should not be taken lightly. Do your research! The more the better! If you can’t choose between a few, make a pros and cons list! Ask other people what they think! And of course follow your gut. It usually doesn’t steer you wrong:)

Happy training my friends!

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