15 Easy Client Gifts

15 Easy Cheap Gift Ideas for your Clients this Holiday Season!

We all want to show our clients how much we appreciate them even more than providing the everyday top notch service that we provide. Here are some easy ideas for you to get your creative juices flowing to show some lovin!

  1. Socks and Nail polish Get a cute pair of fuzzy socks, go to all a dollar and choose a nail polish, get a clear plastic party cup, paint it your brand colors, roll the socks up and put the nail polish on top! Voila!! You have a happy feet cupcake!

  2. Nail colors and treats! Go to all a dollar, get some plastic wine glasses, pick out a couple nail polishes, get some treats and tinsel then put it all together! Cute and easy!

  3. Anything from Bright Box is so cute and easy!! I even do these for friends as well!

  4. Personal Smore in a Jar “Life is SMORE fun with clients like you!”

  5. Chocolate Bar Thank you! Print out and wrap around your favorite chocolate bar!

  6. “You are the highlight of my business” This can be cheap or extravagant. All a dollar or Target made:) Whatever makes your fancy!

  7. Pamper in a jar This also can be as simple or big as you want it to be! Make sure to use your brand colors for an extra special touch!

  8. Cocktail in a Jar And if your clients don’t drink they can still enjoy an amazing beverage:)

  9. Make spirits bright hot cocoa

  10. “Thanks a LATTE!”

  11. Satin Pillow Case To keep your hair, skin, and lashes nice and healthy!

  12. Lash Cleanser! This lash cleanser bottle makes about 15-20 foam pumps . If we want them to keep their lashes clean - why not just give it to them?! Of course throw in a treat or two with it:)

  13. Free Service Gift Card with you,  Under eye treatment and lip mask

  14. Endure Lash cloth Once again, let’s keep those lashes clean!

  15. One of your favorite paperback books that inspires you!

gift 3.jpg
gift 8.jpg
gift 14.jpg

When you put your client gifts together send me a pic!! I would love to see what you come up with! And if you have another gift idea, don’t hesitate to share with us! I would love to hear it!

Bri McCarverComment